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In recent years, numerous researches on Assertivity have been conducted in nurses. Assertivite concept is met in Turkish at the end of 1970s as ’assertiveness Ass. assertiveness; 'Be aggressive', 'reveals itself as an open,' 'effectively act', means both. An individual's self, rights, passive, without the aggressor to consciously protect the feelings, thoughts and desires of others without ignoring the rights, without any anxiety and guilt can express this issue. Individual differences and cultural characteristics play an important role in behaving aggressively. The concept of assertiveness is not only important in daily relations, but also in communication in working life. In particular, the field of health, by its very nature, involves jobs with difficult and stressful processes. the key role of nurses in the delivery of health care services, is a professional professionals. It is necessary that the aggressive behaviors of nurses should be developed in order to guide their interaction with healthy / sick individuals, colleagues, other team members and the society and to decide on value-loaded applications. But nursing is one of the occupational groups that prevents dashing. Many factors can influence being dashing. In particular, the most important reason why nurses exhibit dashing behavior is the female profession and the traditional role of women in society. In addition, the nursing profession has different levels of education, the work area is usually bureaucratic and hierarchical structure, nursing law duties, definitions and responsibilities due to the lack of professional autonomy due to failure to win, scientific meetings or congresses, lack of opportunities to learn to be dashing, lack of opportunities for nurses work with intensive and shift system, decreases job satisfaction of nurses, reduces self-esteem and creates stress. The purpose of this review is to raise awareness of the importance of dashing behavior in nurses. In order to contribute to the literature, it is aimed to assimilate dashing behavior, personality traits, positive and negative results of dashing behavior, discernments of obstacles, and development of dashing behavior through trainings.

Assertiveness, Assertiveness skills, Psychiatric Nursing


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