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Vegetable or fruit to be dried to remove the water is called drying process. Since the moisture content of vegetables or fruits will be very low, the shelf life is increased parallel to the reduced moisture content. Because the microorganism activities in food is minimized. As a result, the shape and color of the food change. With the removal of the water forming the weight, the weight of the food in unit weight is reduced. Again, the amount of dry matter of the same food increases with the removal of water. The main purpose of drying is to ensure that the food is delivered to human nutrition in a healthy way outside the season. Therefore, drying methods are important for health. In the drying stage, the risk of transmission of the disease pathogen and the risk of virus transport by the effect of different insects and rodents indicate that this sector should not be randomized. An infected plant with an alpha toxin or a dried apple dried under high radiation, or any food infected by mice and other animals, will have a very negative impact on our health. Drying for the helping of the family economy or for the taste of the palate has become a big sector today. It is said that vegetables and fruits grown outside of the season are not hormone. A food to be consumed outside the season is more desirable than dried. Figs and grapes in fruits and tomato and pepper in vegetables are the essential foods can be dried. But how are our drying methods and storage conditions correct in terms of health? We can demonstrate the feasibility of this sector by using old technology, using new technology and taking into account new demands. Only dried tomato vegetables have an export potential of approximately $ 70 million. The sector which will be formed by drying various vegetables in Siirt province which has natural drying sources (Sun, wind) will contribute to the economy of the province.

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