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Microbiological And Physicochemical Characteristics of Some Natural Spring Waters in Bitlis, Turkey

This study was conducted to investigate some physicochemical and microbiological properties of natural spring waters used as drinking water source in Bitlis province, Turkey. Water samples were collected from seven different sources (including Başhan, Papşin, Kanimiyan, Seyit Bulağı, Altunkalbur, Çam Sitesi and Mezra Springs) on arid (September 4, 2019) and rainy (May 4, 2020) periods, according to the sampling method of the Regulation on Water for Human Consumption (25730, 17.02.2005). Several physicochemical and microbiological parameters (e.g., pH, turbidity, taste, odor, color, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity and acidity, total coliform, colony count at 22 and 37 oC, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Enterococcus) were examined. Membrane-filtration, spread late and pour plate methods were executed to determine microbiological parameters. Additionally, physicochemical parameters were determined using standard determination methods. According to the analysis, Sources Seyit Bulağı, Mezra, Başhan and Altunkalbur springs, on the other hand, are unable to meet drinking standards due to coliform bacteria contamination. Moreover, Enterococcus bacteria were detected in Source Başhan, Papşin, Mezra and Seyit Bulağı spring. Also, it was observed that Seyit Bulağı, Altunkalbur, Başhan and Mezra sources are unable to meet drinking standards due to colony count at 22 °C. Additionally, all sources are unable to meet drinking standards due to Pseudomonas bacteria. In terms of physicochemical parameters, sources were found to be suitable for use. It is thought that periodic monitoring of these microbiologically polluted resources should be monitored, healing activities should be done to prevent pollution factors and the local people should be informed about this issue.

Natural Spring Water, Physicochemical Water Quality, Microbiological Water Quality, Bitlis


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