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NT-proBNP determines kidney dysfunction in elderly and middle-aged patients with heart failure.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that increased NT pro-BNP levels may be associated with impaired cardiac and renal function in elderly and middle-aged patients. Therefore, we have examined possible relationships between NT-PROBNP levels and other tests in every aspect. Methods: The data of NT-proBNP, Urea, Creatinine, GFR, CK-MB, Trop I and CRP tests of 374 patients admitted to our hospital between September 2019 and November 2019 were evaluated retrospectively. In order to determine the effect of renal dysfunction on NT-proBNP test levels, four study groups, one control group, were formed according to age and NT-proBNP test levels. Results: NT-proBNP levels below <125 pg / ml and within the normal reference value range of the control group were 80.7 ± 14.6 pg / ml. The average age. 59.1 ± 13.5. Significant correlations were found between NT-proBNP levels and Age, Urea, GFR, CK-MB and Trop I levels in this group. (respectively, r: 0.45, P <0.001; r: 0.23, P <0.01; r: -0.17, P <: 0.05; r: 0.18, P <0.05 0.36, P <0.001). Significant correlations were found between NT-proBNP levels and Urea, krea, GFR and Trop I levels in the group of patients aged> 81-102 years with NT-proBNP levels> 10000 pg / ml. (respectively, r: 0.25, P <0.05; r: 0.32, P <0.01; r: -0.25, P <: 0.05; r: 0.33, P <0 , 01). Conclusion: This study showed that NT pro-BNP levels in elderly patients with heart failure and renal dysfunction should be evaluated by considering the patient's renal impairment as well as the age group.

Natriuretic peptides, NT-proBNP, cardiovascular diseases.


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