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Yildiz Technical University has pedestrian priority road networks in Davutpasa Campus. Speed limit is determined as 20 km/h and 30 km/h for building entrances and the other roads of the campus respectively. It has been observed that some of the drivers do not meet these speed limits. In this case, campus road network has witnessed so many traffic accidents. Aims of this study are determining traffic speeds through the campus network and indicating these speed limits are too high by using observation and measurement methods (Hypothesis-1). Then, under current conditions, these calculated speeds may have potential to be reduced by applying some simple traffic calming techniques (Hypothesis-2). In this scope, the speeds were determined as generally high when the RTMS sensors performed 24 hourly measurements between April 26th – May 2nd 2018. In the second stage, information and training activities were made to the academic and administrative staff, students, techno-park employees and visitors by e-mail and brochures throughout the campus. Besides, horizontal and vertical traffic signs in the entrance and exit areas of the campus have been elaborated and new ones have been added where necessary. The calculated speeds of before and after informing/training studies were compared. It has been proved that the differences are statistically significant and the traffic calming applications are useful in YTU Davutpasa Campus and its traffic flow can be slowed down by raising the awareness of public.

University campus, sustainable transportation, pedestrian priority road...


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