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Seasonal Variation of Fatty Acid composition of Phospholipid Subclasses in Muscle Tissue in Male, Alburnus Mussulensis

Fatty acids are quite important both as an energy source and in terms of functional tasks for living systems. In addition, these compounds are the structures that have the greatest change depending ecological factors in terms of biochemical. These biochemical compounds are located in the cell structure. So, Analysis of these fatty acids, which have very important membrane integrity and permeability in life, is very important for living things. Therefore, fatty acid analysis at the phospholipid level is quite important. In this study, it was aimed to determine the seasonal variation of the fatty acids of phospholipid subclasses in muscle tissue. In our study, sexes of the samples caught from Batman Dam Lake were determined in the laboratory. After the total lipid extraction of the muscle tissue belonging to the male one was made, it was separated into phospholipid subclasses by thin layer chromatography. After the methylation process, samples were analyzed qualitatively as % fatty acid with Gas Chromatography. As a result of analysis, a total of 16 fatty acids were determined. As a results of analyses, out of saturated fatty acids, 16:0 and 18:0; out of monosaturated ones, 16:1n-7 and 18:1n-9; out of polyunsaturated ones, 20:4n-6, 20:5n-3 22:5n-322:5n-3 and 22:6n-6 were identified as the major fatty acids. When the fatty acid distribution is examined, 16:0 in PC; 18:0 in PI and PS; 18:1n-9 in PC and PS; in 20:4n-6 PI; 20:5n-3 in PC and PI; 22:6n-3 and n-3 in PE and n-6 were found to be higher in PI than others. It is detected that in April, total PUFA and n-3 in PC, PE and PI; in November and January, total SFA in PSs are higher than the other months. In our study, the PI subclasses n-3/n-6 rate of the fish has been at the lowest level according to PC, PE and PS.

Fatty Acid, Phosphatidylcholin, Phosphatidylethanolamin, Phosphatidylinositol,


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