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Determination Of Nursing Students' Vıews Of Violence Against Women: Qualitative Study

Objectives: The aim of this study is to determine the views of nursing senior students about violence against women. Methods: 28 nursing senior students attending the study in the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year of the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Gümüşhane University. As the data collection tool, 5 questions created with the open-ended question technique on violence against women were used and the data obtained were evaluated by the content analysis method. Results: The majority of the students participating in the study used the 'power show' code regarding the concept of violence against women. After the "power show" code, expressions such as "violation of rights" and "inhuman behavior" were used in the interviews. When asked about the reasons for violence against women, the students mostly used the code of “lack of education” and then “cultural norms” and “alcohol and substance abuse”. When asked who applied violence against women in the study, most of the students used the term 'spouse' in the 'men' category. Apart from the "spouse" code, the answers of "father" and "lover" were obtained from the interviews, respectively. When asked about the suggestions of students about the prevention of violence against women, most of the students stated that there should be “deterrent punishments” and they also used the answers of “raising the society” and “empowering women in all aspects”, respectively. Finally, while using the code that the majority of the students are 'the role model for their children', the expressions of 'awareness' and 'exhibiting exemplary behavior' were also used for the question of what are the roles and responsibilities of men in preventing violence against women. Conclusion: As a result of this study, it was seen that nursing students, who are candidates for healthcare professionals, should increase their awareness of violence against women, which is a universal problem, and that there should be more permanent solutions as a society.

Violence, Women, Nursing students


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