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Abstract Nature from ancient times to today; It has been seen as a source of inspiration for architectural designs in terms of order, form and aesthetics. Many architects make their designs using a number of sources of inspiration. These are sources of inspiration; Some objects found living or non-living in nature are trends and architectural approaches that were formed in earlier periods. After all, these designs either resemble a one-to-one inspiration or conceptually fit into it. The concept of analogy forms the conceptual basis of these inspirations. Analogy is a form of representation and expression that extends from the visual impressed by the architects to the product they produce. In this study, reference objects included in Analogy and how these objects are used in architecture are discussed. For this purpose, analogical classifications from past to present have been examined and a new analogy classification has been made within the scope of the study. In architectural structures that use analogies formal in their designs, analogies such as Venturi’s Duck Structure in Vegas; In addition to being used directly, concretely and literally, examples of using them conceptually by loading abstract meanings are frequently seen. This has led to the necessity of examining the new classification under two headings as ‘formal analogies’ or ‘conceptual analogies’. In addition, it was determined that the architects were inspired by the ‘living nature’ and ‘non-living nature’ in the ‘structure design’ and ‘shell design’ of the building, based on the idea of being inspired by nature in analogical designs. In the field study, recent modern buildings with iconic features were analyzed by taking into account the new analogy classification table. In the architectural examples chosen, the sources of inspiration from nature and the form of inspiration of the architects were reached by making a literature review and the type of analogy classification of the buildings was determined. With this study, a new analogical classification has been made and the purposes for which architects use the analogical way of expression have been analyzed.

Analogical design


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