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In this study, energy and exergy analysis of a photovoltaic system determined as a result of the literature search, then the photovoltaic-thermal system was designed for the development of the system, and after the calculations were made under the same conditions, the efficiencies in terms of energy and exergy were compared. The parameters which are important in the PV / T systems are determined through the difference of these two accounts and these parameters are given in the table. The system is interpreted taking into consideration the important parameters. It has been estimated that the energy and exergy efficiencies of the thermally cooled systems have increased by approximately 7%. Photovoltaic thermal systems are suitable for increasing the exergetic efficiency and entropy balance and PV/T systems have a hybrid electronic control structure with the water heater in the designed system. It has been argued whether it would be appropriate to combine the system with household appliances that require other electrical hot water to increase the exergy efficiency. The design in this context is briefly as follows: The heated water will reach the maximum water temperature of 50 ° C with the thermostat control by meeting the water sent from the house network in the boiler. If hot water is needed, it will be sent directly to the shower or kitchen of the house. If the temperature of the targeted mains water can not be raised above 35 ° C due to the equivalent utilization factor, it is planned that the water heater, which supplies electricity from the solar panel, will switch on. For this reason, the hot water coming from the panel is firstly passed through the water heater. In case the cooling water is enough for the domestic hot water needs, flat tube condenser and fan are added to the system to prevent the high temperatures from reaching the system. the design of the installation has been established so that the water will circulate through the condenser. The energy required for the condenser unit fan will be the energy from the photovoltaic batteries. It has been understood that systems with thermal cooling will have a lower depreciation time, as electrical efficiency and life span depend on the cooling performance, and when the hybrid systems are installed, they significantly increase the exergetic efficiency.

PV/T systems, exergy analysis, solar energy.


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