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Comparative Analysis of Coal Mining Disasters in Turkey

Use of coal mine is based on centuries, but the expansion of its usage area has been after the Industrial Revolution in parallel with other mines. With the effect of this revolution; The use of minerals such as coal, iron, copper and tin has increased. Among these mines, coal mine; It has a very important place because it can be used for industrialization, powering machines, generating electricity and heating. In order to provide the increasing need in these areas every year, coal enterprises were established in countries with rich coal deposits and served the energy sector. The share of coal in the energy resources consumed in the world has increased in a short time and has become a determining factor on the world economy. This situation has led to an increase in the number of coal mine enterprises, with developed countries turning to the mining sector for industrialization and economic progress. Accidents in coal mines have increased as the number of mines has grown. Despite the fact that numerous studies have been conducted to prevent these accidents, accidents still occur. Coal mining is regarded as a hazardous work environment due to the high frequency of accidents and their consequences. To minimize these risks and ensure a healthy working environment, the required infrastructure should be established, audit-oriented studies should be conducted, and flaws should be remedied based on the findings. Within the scope of the study, the way and types of coal mine accidents, which are common in Turkey, were investigated, as well as a literature analysis of the reasons of these accidents. The number of accidents and casualties between 2015-2020 were examined and a future situation analysis was made. Regression Analysis Method, one of the statistical analysis methods, was used in the situation analysis phase. The number of coal mine accidents and fatalities in countries around the world since 1902, has been studied. By using the same Analysis Method, the future situation analysis for the next 10 years was made in the light of the data between 1902-2020, and data on the number of accidents and casualties that may occur in the coal mining area were obtained.

Coal mining, Coal Mine Accidents, Statistics, Regression Analysis.


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