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Concrete is the most widely used building material in the composite structure in Turkey today. Ferrous and non-ferrous. Since the concrete tensile stress is very low, they are used with structures in buildings. In buildings called as reinforced concrete structures, the concrete meets the compressive strength while the steel reinforcements meet the tensile and shear strength. Throughout the centuries from the past to the present, human beings have formed various structures for various purposes. Recreational buildings, stadiums, water tanks, dams, bridges, tunnels, housing structures etc. Concrete is used in such structures. Concrete structures are primarily asked to serve their purpose. Reinforced concrete structures have 100 ~ 150 years of service life under normal conditions. Even if there is no external effect on concrete, due to fatigue, creep, shrinkage and seismic movements over time, damage to buildings and their safety is reduced. In addition, due to both their purpose and external influences, the structures are significantly reduced and their structures become unusable. For example, structures such as dams that require contact with water, structures such as reservoirs, bridges and ports on the sea and above, are damaged by the chemicals in the wastewater that they face in time. By reacting with these chemical substances, concrete can form expanded compounds and may cause the concrete to deteriorate in a short time and shorten the service life of the structures. In this study, the effects of magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphate, which is one of the most important chemical substances, on the strength and durability of the sulphate were investigated. For this purpose, various quality concretes were produced and one-year experiments were carried out. In the compressive strength tests obtained from samples cured in water, magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphate, samples kept in water continued to gain strength over time. Samples with magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphate had no significant loss of strength in 6 months. It is understood from these results that the sulphate waters significantly reduce the strength and durability of concrete. Therefore, concrete and reinforced concrete structures should be kept away from sulphated waters.

Sulfate, durability .concret, cement, corrosion


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