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Background: This research has been carried out with 950 people who agreed to participate in the research among the students who attended Karabuk University. As a result of the examination, 830 surveys have been evaluated within the scope of the study. Objective: This research has been planned to examine the level of consciousness on nutrition and dietary habits of undergraduate students at Karabuk University. Results: The ratio of the students by gender who are involved is 42.9% female and 57.1% male. The average of male students body mass index has been calculated as 20.9 ± 2.9; the female students body mass index has been calculated as 22.9±3.0. According to the results obtained more than half (63.6%) of the students stated that the number of daily meals are 3-4, and the most important meal is breakfast with 49.9%. This is followed by dinner at 35.9% in the second place. The most skipped meal is lunch (42.3%). It was seen that the percentage of those who stated that they miss the opportunity to eat meals or that they do not have the opportunity to eat are high (40.0%), followed by those who skip lunches (30.8%), and do not get meal (14.7%). Conclusion: For all reasons above, this research planned and conducted to determine the knowledge on nutrition and dietary habits of undergraduate students of Karabuk University and to determine the factors that affect this.

nutrition, dietary habits, knowledge on nutrition, undergraduate students


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