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The knowledge of the bio-ecological features and constant monitoring of the distribution of Vimba vimba (L. 1758) are of great importance for its distribution and future. The knowledge of the parameters of length-weight relation, metric and meristic properties and condition factor of the species will enable us to compare the populations living in different habitats. V. vimba (L.,1758) shows distribution in the aqua lands of north western, mid Anatolia and Mediterranean regions. There is a lack of studies on V. vimba living in the Reservoir. The study was carried out on 32 V. vimba species caught in Asartepe Dam Lake between March 2015-February 2016. The length-weight relations and condition factors of the species were determined and the variation coefficients of morphometric and meristic features and the ratios of some diagnostic features with standard length were computed. The length-weight relation was found to be W=0.0002xL2.5052. The correlation coefficient of length-weight relation was R2=0.9278 (t test p?0.001) and condition value was observed to be 1.652034±0.2117. The highest and the lowest variation were observed in eye diameter with 19.32% and total length with 14.79%. The highest and lowest ratios of some meristic features with the total length were found to be predorsal distance (with 55.16%) and nose length (with 4.30%). The average number of linea lateral scales was 58.33±0.90 (57-60) numbers of vertebrae was 44.67±058 (44-45). Concerning the meristic features, the highest and lowest variation was observed in number of pelvic fin unbranched rays with 22.78% and number of vertebrae with 1.30%.

Asartepe Dam Lake, Vimba vimba, length-weight, condition, morphometric, meristic.


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